Green Action / Friends of the Earth Croatia NGO visuals

Since 2009 I have been part of Zelena Akcija / Friends of the Earth Croatia NGO team as a graphic designer of printed annual reports, project publications, etc. as well as an activist taking pictures of direct actions in the streets. Here is a short selection of that graphic design work.

Zelena Akcija / Friends of the Earth Croatia (Green Action, short. ZA) is a non-governmental and non-profit organisation for environmental protection founded in 1990 in Zagreb., Croatia. The basic goals of Green Action are environmental protection and the promotion of sustainable development at the local, national and global levels, to which it contributes by implementing programs, campaigns and direct actions. ZA’s action is based on the work of volunteers supported by a professional team. The greatest attention is paid to activities aimed at encouraging public participation in environmental decision-making and improving the quality of life in Croatia. ZA is not affiliated with any political party. ZA is a member of the world’s largest network of environmental organisations, Friends of the Earth International.