Series of photographs. Work in progress started in 2013. Carefully combined and captioned with selected sentences from 1930s posthumously published novel ‘Mor’ by author Đuro Sudeta. Due the archaic and poetic style of writing, also the connection between the author’s biography, story of the novel and the photograph joined, it is difficult to translate them to english in full beauty of the original.

” I take photos during long walks on the slopes of local Bilogora hills. What catches my attention are not idyllic scenes of untouched natural beauty, but irregularities and deviations caused by elements of nature or human negligence, or the discovery of signs of the presence of other beings. The branches that were cut or improperly torn, obstacles in the way, wildlife shelters, new views of ordinary phenomena, garbage that nature embraced and enveloped, etc. The images are accompanied by quotes from the almost autobiographical novel ‘Mor’ by an author named Đuro Sudeta, otherwise known as ‘the fantastical/magical story’. Born in 1903 in Stara Ploščica near Bjelovar, poet Đuro Sudeta graduated from a higher teacher’s school in Zagreb in 1923. He was hired as a teacher in my hometown of Virje where he wrote his most famous work, Mor. He died at the age of 24 in 1927. This concept work emerges as an exploration of intrapersonal illustrations of the writer’s possible paths through the woods, as well as a tribute to the poet’s concentrated interrupted life energy concealed behind the words and destinies of the main characters, Šu and Mor.” (Tt)